GeForce RTX 4060 Ti hard freeze

Another month passed.

Upgraded kernel to 5.15.0-87. Upgraded driver to 535.113.01.

System still locks up frequently. Freezes have been “different” however since upgrade:

  • Able to load the Dyson Sphere Program savegame now that previously froze within 5 seconds and play for ~15-20 minutes before inevitably locking up.
  • I can play Factorio and Per Aspera for hours without issues.
  • Having YouTube (Chrome) playing on the secondary display however causes freezes.
  • Similarly, just reading Steam (Firefox) on the primary and having YouTube (Chrome) on the secondary causes freezes.

Starting to get the feeling that the issue is streaming data to VRAM while its busy rendering. This ancient chipset still has a front-side bus, no physical memory access. Just maybe, maybe driver isn’t waiting long enough for transfers to complete and triggering page faults in the memory controller?

Considering to swap my 4060 Ti with my son’s 3060 Ti. Performance-wise I’m CPU bound anyway.

Haven’t tried Windows to see if its a GPU hardware problem. While loading Windows on a USB drive and booting from it is possible, its annoying and very time-consuming to do.

Anyway, I see 535.129.03 is available. I suppose I can try that first. But considering two related threads below, its not very encouraging to try that particular driver version…