GET3D takes 3D CAD data in training

Can GET3D takes 3D CAD data in training and generate new 3D CAD models?

Can GET3D directly take 3D CAD data for training?
In 3D CAD (computer aided design) software industry, there are many finished mechanical models. The ideas to use those existing 3D models to training GET3D and then generate new 3D models.

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Assuming that you have triangulated 3D CAD models in mind, the answer is yes. Get3D could be trained on a dataset of 3D CAD models and then used to generate new ones.

Yes, I have triangulated 3D CAD models for training input.
Is there any example/showcase for this application? Thanks.

You could follow the examples on how to train Get3D from our Github repository (GitHub - nv-tlabs/GET3D). In principle, you would need to: i) render images of your models in a rendering engine (e.g. Omnvierse or Blender), and then ii) use those images to train Get3D. We provide instructions and example scripts for both in our repository.

Do you mean I need to convert 3D CAD models to images and rendering them for GET3D training input? Can I directly feed 3D CAD data (triangulates) to GET3D for training?

An example of my use case is like I have a separate 3D car model and a street model. I want to generate a model with the car (or two cars) on the street.