Getting bounding box data and frame saved from deepstream yolov3, with timestamp


Can anyone please help…I have custom yolov3 running on Xavier/Deepstream and now need to save the bounding box data to a .txt file, and preferably with the timestamp of when the frame was taken. Can anyone explain (in a very simple manner, if possible) how to do this - or any part of it so I can get started?

Also is there also a way to save each frame as *.jpg that the usb camera is sending to yolo?


For save bbox data, you can refer deepstream-app.c -> static void
write_kitti_output (AppCtx * appCtx, NvDsBatchMeta * batch_meta)

For save jpg, Can you refer
-> 2. How to get original NV12 frame buffer

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Thanks I’ve got it saving the data to .txt using your help, though the confidence (assuming a float) is always 0.0. Any ideas why?