How to save frame's full image with bbox on

• DeepStream Version: 5.1

Hi, I am using deepstream-test5 (deepstream 5.1) , I can get the batchmeta and framemata from “bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics ()” . I want to save every frame’s full image with the bbox drown on. can you give me a help ? thanks!

ps:I read “deepstream-image-meta-test”, but it only save crop images. not suit for me.

deepstream-transfer-learning-app have option save frame contain object

Thanks! I will try it

Hi, do you meet these issueswhen you use “deepstream-transfer-learning-app”:

  1. can’t print information on terminal, tried “g_print, std::cout, printf”, none of them works
  2. can’ t change on screen display. I changed “diaplay_meta” in “overlay_graphics()” , but nothing changed on screen

Seems it is the same as Issues of deepstream-transfer-learning-app - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums. Can you close this topic?

actually, these are not same. tansfer-learning-app using “nvds_obj_enc_process()” to save image. This make all the saved image have no bbox