GL samples generate segmentation fault

gcc 4.7.1
opensuse 12.2
nvcc 5.5.0
cuda 5.5.22
glibc 2.15
opengl 4.3.0 (319.37)
nvidia 319.37
free glut 2.8
one gtx-580
one gtx-460

All sample programs that don’t use GL run perfectly. All samples using GL generate a segmentation fault just after opening a window. I’ve traced the problem in Mandelbrot to the call to cudaGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer in initOpenGLBuffers. I’ve had cuda up and running on this hardware but with an earlier version of opensuse and cuda.

Any thoughts?

It was the nvidia driver. I thought I’d installed the most recent version but some how ended up with 319.37. 331.20 works without the seg faults.