Global Compiler Options CUDA 8.0 RC

On my Linux Workstation the GCC-6 is the default Systemcompiler, normal the GCC6 is not supported from CUDA 8.0 RC, but with the Options : -Xcompiler -std=c++98 can use teh CUDA 8.0 RC with the GCC6, where can i make the Settings with the Option -Xcompiler -std=c++98 as global Compile options, that can use in all samples, self developed programs and so far, actual i must modify each Makefile per Hand manually.
I have made the settings in the nvcc.profile:
NVCCFLAGS += -Xcompiler -std=c++98

but this settings in the nvcc.profile does not work.
who is the correct entry in the nvcc.profile for global use the Options: -Xcompiler -std=c++98 ?