GLSL Linker Failing With 'error: shader storage buffer variable…'

I have already asked this question on Stack Overflow here:
but I thought that I might have better luck here, this being where all the nvidia people hang out. Basically, I have a linker error that I cannot decipher. It spits out a pile of messages like:

error: shader storage buffer variable "Vertices_Out.v[2047].space[2]" already belongs to interface block "Vertices_Out[0]" and cannot also belong to interface block "Vertices_Out[1]"

The shader code is available in the Stack Overflow question.

What does that error mean?

I am running the nvidia-331.20-1 on Arch Linux. My graphics card is reported as a GeForce GT 525M by lspci. I am running a 4.3 core context.