glut32.dll is missing

New to OpenGL, mainly interested in visiualization of Cuda output.
Was able to build the project but when I try to run or debug it, I am getting “glut32.dll is missing…” message. I am using VS2008 with Cuda 4.1.

I checked with colleagues familiar with the Windows platform. For Windows, a GLUT library should be installed under */bin/win32/{release|debug} and */bin/win64/{release|debug}. The library is called freeglut.dll, not glut32.dll or glut64.dll.

The builds of the sample apps that come with CUDA should link to this freeglut library. In case there was some packaging or configuration issue in CUDA 4.1, can you try upgrading to CUDA 5.0 ?

Thanks for the reply.
I found glut32.dll under $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT)/C/bin/{win32, win64}/{Release, Debug, …}.
There is no “freeglut.dll” under win64.
Why does the win64 directory contain glut32.dll but not glut64.dll ?
Also, why name the directory “win64” instead of x64?
I am referring to Cuda 4.1.