Is there a glut64.dll from Nvidia somewhere. With Cuda 4.1:
a) …C/bin/ I do not have a x64 directory but a win64 dir !
b) Under that win64 dir, there is no glut64.dll, only glut32.dll in all (release, debug, emurelease, emudebug)

I’ve played with glut myself a bit. If I recall correctly, if you download the source (such as free_glut) and set the target output to x64, it still creates a file called glut32.dll, even though it’s a 64-bit executable. Glut, glew and others were created when only 32-bit was in mind, so there were no provisions for appropriately naming them for 64-bit. So basically don’t worry about it, whatever is in the win64 dir is indeed a 64-bit executable.

In an ideal world, nVidia would take the lead on these and fully reconfigure the builds for the modern world, rather than letting them flounder as relics of the past.