Got PCIE error when install Intel 3165

Hello everyone,
We are trying to install intel 3165 on jetson TK1. When wifi was enabled, we found a lot of pcie error messages.
Is there any way to fix these error messages?
log.txt (73.9 KB)
pci.txt (12.9 KB)

Since ASPM-L1 is enabled here, I suspect that playing some role here.
Can you please execute the following command (as sudo) and see if the issue is still observed?
echo “performance” > /sys/module/pcie_aspm/parameters/policy

Hi vidyas,
Unfortunately the issue is still there. I still see the pcie error messages printed.


Can you please share ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’ output after you executed that command?

Hi vidyas,
Here you are. Thanks.

pci.txt (13 KB)

I still see ASPM L1 state enabled for both Intel WiFi and corresponding root port.
Did running command “echo “performance” > /sys/module/pcie_aspm/parameters/policy” completed successfully?
If you are facing any issue with it, please set the following config
Alternatively, you can also pass ‘pcie_aspm=off’ in the kernel command line parameters.
The point I’m trying to make is, do whatever you want but make sure that ASPM for WiFi and its corresponding root port are disabled
i.e. in the ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’ ouput, “LnkCtl: ASPM L1 Enabled;” shouldn’t be there.

Hi vidyas,
The system still print a lot of pcie error messages after I add “pcie_aspm=off” in kernel command line.
I also executed lspci and find all APSM has been disabled. Please see attached logs.
pci.txt (13 KB)
log.txt (87 KB)

Looks like the issue is beyond ASPM.
I think we may need to have this card locally available to debug this further

Hi vidyas,
I find almost all of the error messages are corrected not fatal errors. Can I just disable the “corrected” severity logging for the root port like as the link below ? What side effects do you think will happen?

Yeah… that can be done downside of which is probably some dip in the perf. By how much? well, that really depends on how many retries are happening on the bus because of these errors.
BTW, did you make sure that the card is inserted properly?

Hi vidyas,
I am sure that the card is inserted properly. This issue happens not only in jetson TK1 dev kit but also in our customized TK1 board.

Best Regards,

Hi vidyas,
BTW, there is a RTL8111 nic chip on our customized board. The system also print a lot of error message even we don’t install the intel 3165. Please refer to link below.