GPIO Configuration

In default configuration the pins G1,G2,H1,H2 are configured for i2s1. These pins are terminated in j21 connector in carrier board. I need to configure those pins to gpio. Please help me how to do this via device tree.


You might want to just use the pinmux spreadsheet. See:

If you are trying to understand the device tree itself I suggest you start by reverse compiling the dts on your working system:

dtc -I fs -O dts -o extracted.dts /proc/device-tree

Note that groups of GPIO have a block based on the controller base address. For example, there is a controller with base address 0x2200000. This will correspond in the device tree to the block within “gpio@2200000” (by default “gpio@c2f0000” also exists).

i2s does the same thing with “i2s@”. Note in these the "status = "…to disable make it "status = “disabled”. Once disabled you should be able to convert the corresponding GPIO from “disabled” to “okay”.