GPIO Interrupts

Is there a way to get GPIO interrupts on the TX1? (as opposed to polling for values).
I’m using Python, but any language would be appreciated.

Can you be more specific about the nature of what is driving the GPIO change, and what kind of performance issues you might be looking at obtaining or avoiding?

I have an application which uses a “dismiss alarm” button hooked to a GPIO port.
To check if the button has been pressed, I need to check the GPIO port’s status in a closed loop.
Something like:

for (EVER) {

This is both inefficient and unstable (once in a while I get some GPIO errors), and could even miss some brief presses.
A better paradigm would be to get a callback when someone presses the button.

Have you considered using ordinary file I/O with the “/sys” GPIO files? You could do this in combination with POSIX asynchronous I/O. See “man aio”.

If file I/O is too slow you might end up writing a driver to directly export events to a “/dev” event file.