GPU Direct Storage cuFILE API Asynchronous read/write not found in Cuda toolkit 12.1

I am not able to find the asynchronous read and write operations from the cuFILE API in my installation of CUDA toolkit 12.1 with gds 12.1. These are supposed to be available according to gds docs but when I look through my cuda.h file I find cuFileRead/cuFileWrite methods but no cuFile*Async. I am running on redhat 8.5, Cuda Toolkit 12.1/gds 12.1. I also note that there are some sample codes " sample_031, [sample_032]" which are not a part of my installation. I only have 001 through 027. I suppose this is indicative there is something missing from this version.

Perhaps this functionality was not introduced until 12.2, as the Github patch entry for Sample 31 states:

" Update samples for 12.2 release"

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rs277 is correct. Async APIs were introduced in 12.2 CUDA toolkit release. That is true for this sample as well