GPU for my embedded system

Hi, first, I’m not sure if this should be posted here, sorry if it isn’t the right place.

I want to develop an embedded system and I’m looking to estimate a budget; this system requires a GPU to process frames, that come from an USB camera, using a Convolutional Neural Network. I have seen kits like Jetson Nano that could fit my needs, but I’m looking for some other options. I looked for Laptop GPUs, because they may be cheap: they have a size that could fit my system, but I don’t see them for sale in NVIDIA’s website. I would want to receive some options about GPUs that I can use in this system and, if possible, receive some links where I can buy them (is there a way to buy NVIDIA products at major?).

Thank you very much!

Hi gabrielnoya95,

Welcome to Jetson & Embedded System forum, it’s for our Jetson platform products.
For your embedded system project, the Jetson platforms provide everything you need to develop and deploy applications for multiple use cases using one unified software architecture, you can find all Jetson platform products info from below to find the suitable one.