Need to get an offer for a new setup

Good morning,
for a corporate project we are developing an application based on the jetson nano using cuda.
We would like to switch to using an Intel NUC Kit NUC8 with UBUNTU 18 together with one of your GPU (mounted externally to the PC). I need to find a GPU with computing power greater than (or equal) the jetson nano and obviously compatible with CUDA.
However, we need the GPU to be as light as possible (<1Kg).
Could you please list me a series of products that suit my case and how I can get an offer for the product ?

Here we only know the spec of Jetson platform, you can try to use TX2 NX or Xavier NX for better performance, I don’t know the details of dGPC spec.

Yesterday one of your colleagues told me to ask my topic in this forum.
Since I think this is not the correct place, can you please give me an email or maybe a link where I can ask this information? Maybe can you please share an application engineer or a seller email?
Thank you in advance.

You may find all dGPU info from Graphics Cards by GeForce | NVIDIA