Question to Nvidia : Jetson Nano + ?

Hello Nvidia,

does Nvidia consider to release a Jetson Nano + with a new Tegra X1+ with all Cuda cores (256), 8 Go ram, wifi inside, GPIO raspberry pi compatible, etc. etc. ?

Jetson Nano is a very good start for affordable SBC but do you have any plan to release something more powerful with quite low price ?


Hi Alain, we don’t currently have a product roadmap that we can share publicly at this time, but rest assured that NVIDIA is always planning for future generations. Your feedback is appreciated and stay tuned!

Many thanks dusty_nv for your reply.

I am sure Nvidia will improve Nano like sbc.

I have tested a few sbc (raspberry pi 3 b+ and Odroid N2) and i must say Nvidia solution is the best, far away from others.

The key point is the Nvidia GPU associates to the Arm CPU. This allow us to be able to use cuda and to share the work on other platform with Nvidia GPU. This is really top.

Other solutions have only OpenCL but it is not a suitable way because performances are weak.

Of course, my specific application needs cuda capabilities, that’s why i am so pleased with the Nano. My Odroid N2 is useless with opencl (quite good hardware but software is really poor).

I don’t use AI to recognize face or a dog but i think image treatment (real time filtering treatment) will be very important (good sensor is not enough). My work needs and take time but i will post it here for a long time.

Anyway, i wait to see!

Have a nice day.