Cuda 10.0 support for jetson nano for jetpack 4.3


I need cuda 10.0 for jetpack 4.3. When i tried to install that through cuda repository the aarch64 architecture was not available in the site. Need to run stereo dnn in nano. The mentioned version supporting this dnn is jetpack 4.3

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Please download Jetson’s library with JetPack.


I will add that Jetsons have an integrated GPU (iGPU) which is wired directly to the memory controller. Almost all computers, especially your desktop PC, will have a discrete GPU (dGPU) on the PCIe bus. The URL you were looking at is for a dGPU. Jetsons cannot use dGPU drivers, they must use the driver specifically for the custom wiring of its iGPU. JetPack is what officially finds the right software in cases where the software depends on being able to detect a GPU (a dGPU tends to use nvidia-smi to detect the GPU, which is a PCI query program, and will not work on a Jetson).

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