NVIDIA driver not included in the image for Jetson Nano?

From what I can tell there is no NVIDIA driver pre-installed into the image for the Jetson Nano. This is counterintuitive as I assume that this driver is mandatory for taking advantage of the GPU that’s included on the board. Can someone enlighten me?

Assuming that this is actually the case I plan to install the latest driver, i.e. nvidia-driver-430. Is this OK, or is the driver somehow unnecessary?

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

Since Jetson has an integrated GPU that doesn’t use PCIe, it includes a different NVIDIA driver that comes pre-installed with JetPack on the SD card image. You don’t need to install the “nvidia-driver-430” package because that is a PCIe driver.

Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate your help @dusty_nv!

Which version of Nvidia driver and Cuda toolkit Comes Pre-installed with Jetpack 4.4?

It’s CUDA 10.2, please refer to the JetPack release notes for more details.