Do Jetson tx1 and host need to install the NVIDIA graphic driver first?

Hello everyone!

I have a Jetson tx1 .
Now I am very confused, if I by the host to Jetson tx1 to install the jetPack, the host and the Jetson tx1 do need to install NVIDIA graphic driver first?

English is not my native language,forgive me.


Any machine which will have CUDA installed to it requires the nVidia video card driver first. JetPack is just a front end for package management and does not directly install on the Jetson. Detecting which software has dependency for prerequisite software is part of JetPack’s function…thus JetPack knows the nVidia video driver is required for any CUDA on the host. If the host does not need CUDA, then no nVidia video driver is required on the host.