I have Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 on my Host , how can I configure Jetson tx1

Hello everybody!

1、I have Ubuntu14.04 on the Jetson TX1 , but Ubuntu16.04 on the Host computer, besides CUDA、cuDNN、OpenCV、caffe have also been installed in the Host. Now can I through this Host to configure Jetson TX1 ? Will it affect original with good environment in the host?

2、If I buy a new computer to reinstall Ubuntu 14.04 to configure Jetson TX1 , then what’s the minimum configuration of the computer ? And needs which type of Nvidia graphics driver ?

3、If through the Host to configure the Jetson TX1 development environment, I know that the Host computer needs first installed Nvidia graphics driver, but I don’t know does TX1 also need to install Nvidia driver?

English is not my mother tongue, please forgive me. Thanks!

Are you using JetPack? It will take care of flashing your Jetson TX1. Connect your Jetson TX1 to your PC using the micro-USB cable. Then enter your Jetson TX1 into recovery mode by holding down the Recovery button and pressing Reset. Please follow the User Guide to follow along flashing with JetPack.

JetPack requires an x86_64 machine to run. The NVIDIA Linux x86_64 driver should be used if necessary.

Here are directions for preparing Ubuntu system to install NVIDIA driver: http://www.allaboutlinux.eu/remove-nouveau-and-install-nvidia-driver-in-ubuntu-15-04/
Although nvidia package is in ubuntu repositories, the most recent can be downloaded directly from NVIDIA website.

Your answer is how to install NVIDIA graphics driver in ubuntu, but my question is whether the Jetson TX1 also need to install NVIDIA graphics driver in advance.

Thank you!

The Jetson requires the nVidia video driver which is part of the JetPack flash (or from the flash manual step of apply_binaries.sh). JetPack can install video drivers and CUDA to host or Jetson. Graphics driver is requirement for CUDA. You only need the nVidia video driver on host if you are doing CUDA on host. Technically the Jetson could use the nouveau video driver, but you would lose all hardware accelerated access to GPU (both video and CUDA).

Note that when a Jetson first arrives that user ubuntu has a subdirectory to its home directory, “NVIDIA-INSTALLER”. The installer.sh in that is just a subset of the apply_binaries.sh which would occur during a flash. This is also a subset of flash when done from JetPack. It is the apply_binaries.sh step which distinguishes L4T from pure Ubuntu…things remain Ubuntu after that, but the hardware has accelerated access.