Jetpack 2.3 on Ubuntu 14.04.5?

Is there a specific revision of 16bit 14.04 Ubuntu I should be using on my host machine prior to installing Jet pack or is 14.04.05 okay?


Not sure what you’re asking, since there has not been a 16-bit version…I assume you’re running into questions about 32-bit versus 64-bit, or Ubuntu 14.04 versus 16.04.

JetPack has required a 64-bit x86_64 host for quite some time, and provided Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with nVidia hardware access files for the Jetson. The most recent JetPack at this time requires Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on the host, and provides R24.2 L4T (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit). If you run the most recent JetPack you probably want the host to have Ubuntu 16.04, but anything older than that would mean you’d do good with a host using Ubuntu 14.04…64-bit in all cases.

Okay maybe I said that wrong. Is the Host the Tx1? I’m wondering what flavor of Ubuntu I should have on my desktop PC so I can put the jetpack on there to later push to the Tx1. The manual just says 14.04LTS but there is 14.04.01 but that I just found out was 32 bit and wouldn’t work. So can I use the later versions like 14.04.03 or 14.04.05?

The host is a standard Intel format CPU (x86_64, including Intel and AMD CPUs for your typical desktop computer). Jetson is the client. JetPack’s recent version 2.3 adds support for loading Ubuntu 16.04 onto the Jetson (known as L4T with the custom hardware accelerated additions). The desktop host where JetPack itself runs works with Ubuntu 14.04 (but I’m thinking I saw somewhere that this will now also work with a desktop host running 16.04 if using the most recent JetPack 2.3). Older releases of JetPack will not work on a host running anything but Ubuntu 14.04.

Okay that helps make sense. I just tried ubuntu 16.04 with Jetpack 2.3 earlier today and it errors on open CV. Looked that up on the forum here and people were saying jetpack 2.3 isn’t supported on 16.04 ubuntu host machines yet.

Note that the host PC needs to be running Ubuntu 14.04. Highlighted features of Jetpack 2.3 include Tensor RT (formerly GPU Inference Engine (GIE) 1.0), cuDNN 5.1 for deep learning, an update to CUDA 8, and a Multimedia API package that gives developers even more access to lower level APIs.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t this mean the host has to be running ubuntu 14.04 64bit for jetpack 2.3 to work on host?

I just used 14.04.5 (.5 subrevision) which is 64 bit. Seems to work fine so far and I got the Jetpack on the Tx1 without errors. :D Mission accomplished.