Jetson tx2 running Jetpack 3.3


I would like to integrate the Jetson tx2 into my ROS kinetic system.
Therefore I will flash the Jetson tx 2 with Jetpack 3.3.
However, I’m confused about the information regarding the necessary Ubuntu version of the host system:

“Note that JetPack installer is available only for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 on your host PC”

“Host platform: Ubuntu Linux x64 v16.04”

Which Ubuntu version is needed?

Hi GerHarry,

The JetPack L4T 3.3 supports Ubuntu Linux x64 v16.04 on your host PC, The Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on your host PC will also work, except OpenCV and VisionWorks will be unavailable for installation on the host PC.

So go with Ubuntu 16.04 should be no problem.


Thanks for your reply.