Jetson TX2 with ubuntu 16.04


I understand there is linux support with TX2 which is detailed here:

We want to install ubuntu (16.04) on TX2 board, Is that possible ?
Is there a guide/steps we can follow to achieve that ?

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Hi ranran, NVIDIA JetPack automatically supports the installation of Ubuntu 16.04 to Jetson TX2.

Download and run JetPack from an x86_64 host PC (also running Ubuntu 16.04) and connect the TX2 over micro-USB and ethernet.

After entering it into recovery mode, JetPack will be able to flash your Jetson with the Ubuntu 16.04 image and NVIDIA drivers (L4T).

For documentation on the process, please read the Jetson Developer Kit User Guide, under the section Installing JetPack for TX1/TX2.

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Do you think it is possible to update kernel to RT-patch kernel (4-4) ? (I assume that the default kernel with sdk is not RT preempt kernel)

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L4T kernel does not have preempt-RT enabled by default. You could try rebuilding the kernel from the sources here:


Could the NVIDIA JetPack also be used to install Ubuntu 16.04 to the Jetson TX2i?

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Hi nghouaiel,

Please use JetPack 3.3 -


Hi Kaycc,

Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to install windows on the Jetson TX2i?

Windows is not supported.