upgraded to 16.04 from 14.04


I have just updated my TX1 to 16.04,
still it is working. My question is, am I allowed to do that.

This 16.04 would support on TX1 without any problem.

Or should I go back to previous version 14.04.

In case if I need to do that, how do I do that,
can I reinstall it, if so how can I do that.


Never use the Ubuntu mechanism to upgrade to a new release. You have to do so using the NVIDIA flash tools (either JetPack or command line flash). The Ubuntu mechanism has no understanding of the required hardware drivers. You can check this out:

Consider “L4T” to be Ubuntu with the NVIDIA-provided hardware drivers on top of it.

Can someone verify that the TX1 can use R28.2.1? I think it is just a typographic error that this shows as being for TX2/TX2i only. R28.2 runs on the TX1, so the bug fix R28.2.1 should also run on a TX1.

Hi linuxdev,

Yes, now I realize that I have made a mistake.

Could you or someone can tell me how to upgrade to “Jetson TX1 R28.2 - March 2018”

I am using really the old one “Jetson TX1 R23.1 - November 2015”


You can either flash directly with the driver package plus sample rootfs, or else using the GUI frontend (JetPack). JetPack requires an Ubuntu desktop PC, but command line only requires any Linux desktop PC. JetPack has the advantage that it can also install packages (e.g., CUDA and various tools for both host and Jetson).

L4T is what the driver package plus sample rootfs put in, which is just Ubuntu with the drivers added. JetPack flashes a version of L4T. All of the different versions are listed here, but you need to go to the link, log in, and then go to the link again before it’ll show you the content:

I believe you can use R28.2.1 with a TX1, but definitely R28.2 can be used with a TX1 (the R28.2.1 version was just an update and not a major change). R28+ unified the TX1 and TX2 file systems. Either download the driver package plus sample rootfs for command line flash, or download JetPack3.3 for GUI flash and package additions. For L4T R28.2.1 or JetPack3.3 see:

There is documentation you can download there as well, but the basic command line flash information is this:
(you’d be using the R28.2.1 packages instead of the older packages…the notes are a bit dated)