L4T R21.6 — LTS update for Jetson TK1

NVIDIA has released L4T R21.6, a software maintenance update for Jetson TK1 with long-term support (LTS).

Please see the Release Notes for more info. For a complete list of kernel fixes, see here.

L4T R21.6 download available here - https://developer.nvidia.com/linux-tegra-r216

A hotfix has been issued for Tegra System Profiler (TSP), which some users had reported problems launching in R21.6

The updated TSP package has been transparently updated in JetPack, now reflecting version 3.8.450 instead of previous 3.7.224:

While the latest JetPack 3.1 now does show TSP version 3.8.450 the “File System and OS” as well as Drivers is still showing 21.5.0. Does this get transparently updated at one time too?

On a similar account I could also not find a 21.6 version of the “Jetson TK1 Developer Kit Factory Image”. Will that one be made available for 21.6 as well?

For me “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release” shows as:

# R21 (release), REVISION: 6.0, GCID: 9817203, BOARD: ardbeg, EABI: hard, DATE: Thu Oct  5 00:28:55 UTC 2017

How are you viewing version information?

And you did flash yours via JetPack as well? There I still end up with 21.5.

I used command line flash.sh plus sample rootfs. Do you still have the rootfs subdirectory after the flash? It might provide something like an audit trail. One reason I would like to know how you determined version is to compare with the command line flash.

Well, I’m very well capable of flashing 21.6. I’m just saying that the JetPack does not seem to do so yet.

I agree with Toradex-Linux on post #3 “JetPack 3.1 now does show TSP version 3.8.450 the “File System and OS” as well as Drivers is still showing 21.5.0.”

The JetPack 3.1 ONLY flashes R21.5 not R21.6.

It looks like R21.6 requires flashing from command line using driver package plus sample rootfs. The problem I see with that is finding the extra tools/libraries, e.g., CUDA has typically been available only through JetPack.

On the other hand, CUDA and those other tools stopped development on 32-bit a while back…you could probably run command line to R21.6, and then run the older JetPack and choose only package installs. Nothing in these newer releases was any kind of major version change, e.g., R21.6 was mostly a security fix for bluetooth issues (everything in the world with bluetooth pretty much needed an update).

Can you try downloading and installing R21.6 via command line, and then running an older JetPack for package updates?

Yes. I was able to download and install R21.6 via command line, and then able to run JetPack 3.1 for package updates. Thanks.

what is the wget link to download cuda 6.5 to my nvidia machine which is flashed with L4T 21.6 ?

CUDA cannot be downloaded separate from JetPack. For that release you would use JetPack2.3.1 (which would cover R21.5 through R21.7 in the “extra package” steps…just deselect flash). So no direct wget for CUDA. The actual JetPack URL is:

Hi LinuxDev,

following your link it appears there’s no available download link for the jetpack 2.3.1 flash file via the Nvidia page as per this link: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?search=JetPack%202.3.1

ulitmately i’d like to reflash my tk1 with the JetPack package as I want to utilise OpenCV etc, would this be the most effective method?

The URL is being a bit of a pain, but try going here:

Once there, you’ll see JetPack2.3.1, which ends up being:

You will probably need to be logged in, and expect redirects to not work correctly…and then hit the link a second time.

Flashing with this version of JetPack would give you L4T R21.5, but R21.6 and R21.7 were released as well. These latter versions were command line only flash, and JetPack did not flash these. However, the package install step (if you skip flash) would be compatible for all of R21.5 through R21.7.

Note that flash itself never installs those extras. The TK1 must be fully booted and accessible over the network for the packages to be installed. USB is not required for this. Conversely, if flashing, no network is required, and only USB is mandatory. Simply run JetPack and uncheck flash and uncheck install of components to the host PC. Enter the login information when requested (the login to the TK1).

Thank you! All i needed to do was log in and the link initiated the download automatically.
However - I have downloaded this jetpack file on a windows machine then copied the JetPack L4T 2.3.1 linux x64 file across to a USB drive and attempted to run this on a seperate UBUNTU machine. When I click run I get the following:

“Do you want to run “JetPack-L4T-2.3.1-linux-x64.run” or display its contents?” --> click ‘Run in Terminal’
The file is carried to the terminal where the following is printed:
“Creating directory installer…
Verifying archive integrity… All good…
Uncompressing JetPack 100%…”

The the following error message box appears:
“Error: Jetpack must be run on x86_64 HOST platform. Detected i686 platform”

Apologies I am clearly a newbie to this!

Your Ubuntu must be running on an older 32-bit Intel format system. That, or the installed version of Ubuntu is for 32-bit. x86_64 refers to the 64-bit systems, either Intel or AMD CPUs.

Btw, the actual “.run” file can be on any file system type, e.g., VFAT or NTFS are ok for copy to the Linux system. The actual place where this runs from must be a native Linux type, usually ext4. So if Windows can read/write to this device, then you can’t actually succeed if that space is used for the running of JetPack (flash would appear to succeed, but file permissions not understood by Windows file system types would cause subtle failures at run time).