Jetpack for TK1: Can I use 3.3 or higher


I’m trying to reflash a TK1 module.
According to :,
the latest jetpack I can use is: Jetson TK1 [L4T r21.4]

Am I right ?

I tried to download JetPack 3.3 but during download I did not get an option of TK1.
Only TX1, TX2, TX2I.

In the archive I found the file: Tegra124_Linux_R21.5.0_armhf.tbz2
Is this a good start point ?

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Hi veredz72,

Please use the JetPack 2.3.1 which is the last version to support TK1, and the BSP is r21.5.


If you flash on command line, then the last update is R21.7:
(you might have to login and then go to the link again since URL redirect does not always work)

FYI, this is the final release for 32-bit systems. After that 64-bit is required.


Thank you very much for your reply !

I have to compile a kernel driver that will run under the TK1 (21.5 or 21.7)

I need the right gcc that will run under x86-ubuntu-64.
Can you please help ?

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You can compile natively on the TK1. You will also find the “Documentation” download (within the driver package page…this is the “L4T” flash package) has the 4.x version of gcc cross-compiler which is recommended (the “Documentation” is an entire html directory tree…the “baggage” subdirectory is where some additional files are found).

For reference, this is the R21.7 driver package URL:

If you need a wider choice of cross-compiler, then Linaro is the provider of those.

Hi linuxdev,

Do you mean the file: Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R21.5.tar ?

It contains instructions how to build gcc.
Can I find gcc binaries for this version ?

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That is the correct file, but it looks like R21.5 did not yet include actual cross-compile binaries. Instead it has an appendix which lists the configuration for building this yourself (which is not simple). However, you are still in luck because the TX1 64-bit system was initially supplied with a 64-bit kernel and 32-bit user space…and so the 32-bit compiler from the TX1 downloads works for what you are doing. Go here:

Among the entries which show up look for the 32-bit R24.2.1 listing. This is the same as what the TK1 uses. Listed as “GCC Tool Chain for 32-bit BSP”.

Hi linuxdev,

Thank you very much !

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