Jetson TK1 flashing from 19.2 to 21.4 question

Do I require an Ubuntu 64 bit computer to flash my Jetson to the latest version? Can I use another Jetson TK1 to flash a Jetson TK1? Do I need Jetpack to do this? Do I understand this correctly that Jetpack installs both a programming environment for a desktop computer to program FOR the Jetson, (64 bit ubuntu, non jetson) as well as flashing a jetson tk1 to the latest image? Or will this not work because the Jetson TK1 is 32 bit?

Thanks for helping me clear this up.

A TK1 does not require Ubuntu for flash, nor does it require JetPack. JetPack is a collection of packages which can be installed manually…usually this would be more convenient, but not a show-stopper. This is a case of packaging formats since JetPack uses Ubuntu packaging. Individual tools are available for direct use without Ubuntu packaging.

The programs used in flash do in fact require an x86_64 desktop Linux, this is a binary executable file format issue (parts of flash are designed for x86_64 architecture), thus a Jetson cannot flash another Jetson. I would expect 32-bit Intel formats, ARMv7 32-bit, and ARMv8a 64-bit hosts to fail as a flash tool.

Ok so I do need another computer to upgrade my Jetsons from 19.2 to 21.4. I read that there is a ‘quick start guide’ but the guide’s link appears to be broken. You can find the link at the bottom of this page under ‘getting started’ > ‘quick start guide’

It links to here, but just redirects back to the above page.

Thanks again Linuxdev.

The individual L4T releases have the quick start guide, so for R21.4:

The URL there points to: