How to install Ubuntu 14.04 on Jetson TK1?

I have Ubuntu 16.04 on my Nvidia Jetson TK1. Please provide me the steps to install Ubuntu 14.04 on Jetson TK!

Beware that any native Ubuntu method to upgrade to a new release will cause failure since this mechanism does not know about NVIDIA drivers. You won’t find Ubuntu 16.04 is possible.

You can flash with L4T R21.6 (this is Ubuntu 14.04 plus NVIDIA drivers). If you just want to flash, then you can use the driver package plus sample rootfs from any x86_64 Linux PC host over the micro-B USB. If you want to use JetPack, then you can also install extra packages, but this runs only from an x86_64 PC host running Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04.

Look for JetPack3.1 or the driver package plus sample rootfs here (there is a JetPack link at the top of the web page):

If you use JetPack3.1, then just use chmod to make the downloaded file executable and run it as a regular user. Make sure to check various options, e.g., JetPack can work with TX1s and TX2s as well, so you’d have to set to TK1.

Command line flash is listed here…adjust for your R21.6 version on a TK1: