Re-Install the ubuntu 14.04 on Jetson TK1


Is these a procedure to re-install the OS (14.04) on Jetson TK1.

My aim is to make the Board same is new as it is out from the Factory.


“New” was R19.2 I think…which isn’t available. The earliest release which was separately available is R19.3 (my brain is a bit fuzzy on the topic…this was several years ago). All of the releases though are Ubuntu 14.04. I’d suggest just using R21.6…any mechanism which may have made it Ubuntu 16.04 probably broke all of the hardware drivers.

Thanks for the Quick reply. Is the release R21.6 is with ubuntu 14.04?. If so do we have a procedure to reinstall this.

R21.6 (and all of the TK1 installs) are Ubuntu 14.04 with NVIDIA hardware drivers. This is just flashing. You can do this on command line from any x86_64 Linux PC via the driver package plus sample rootfs, or from JetPack. If using JetPack you need an Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 host PC. JetPack can also install packages on both host and Jetson, whereas command line is only flash (when JetPack flashes it is using the driver package plus sample rootfs).

For driver package plus sample rootfs look at the R21.6 downloads. For JetPack, look for JetPack3.1 (JetPack3.2 is a pre-release only for a TX2…3.1 covers all of the Jetsons). See:


If using JetPack you’ll make the downloaded file executable (this is all on PC host side):

chmod u+x

Make sure you have any of the ssh-askpass applications on the host PC. If your host is Ubuntu you could for example install this via:

sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass

Do not run JetPack as root (do not use sudo on it). While running JetPack you will eventually be asked to enter your password:


Follow the screen, make sure you always check the TK1 (this also supports a TX1 and TX2). The step you need is to flash…you don’t need extra packages. You can run JetPack at any later time and just flash or just add packages…you have to check the right options for what you want. For flash you only need the micro-B USB cable…for package installs you need the wired ethernet of the Jetson.

Driver Package plus Sample Rootfs:

This covers TK1, TX1, and TX2…look at the notes…you are interested in TK1 (tegra124). R21.5 and R21.6 have exactly the same instructions, only the file download differs (the URL above is for R21.6).

Note that in all cases you need to be sure your host has enough disk space. If you’ve unpacked everything you’ll still need about another 25GB of space on the host PC before beginning. The process is slow.