Ubuntu 16.04 on TK1

I bought a Jetson TK1 recently and when I boot it, I noticed it came pre-installed with Ubuntu 14.04. However I want to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04. When I tried using the Ubuntu upgrade manager, I am unable to upgrade due to some errors(“Unable to calculate upgrade”). Can you help me through the upgrade process? I tried to boot Ubuntu 16.04 using a USB but that failed too.

The L4T R19.x releases were Ubuntu 14.04. Newer ones are Ubuntu 16.04 (L4T R21.5 is current and recommended). Because of files needed for hardware access you should only accomplish this via flash…the Ubuntu built-in mechanism will fail.

Here is the URL for the R21.5 downloads (you need to log in with a separate registration…the forum login won’t work for this):

JetPack requires an Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 PC host, but has more features. If you just want to flash on command line, then any x86_64 Linux host will do. So either download JetPack, or download the driver package and sample rootfs (JetPack actually downloads these for you if you go with the JetPack method).

If you go with command line flash here is a synopsis:

I’ve tried to installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Jetson tk1, both with Jetpack 3.1 or with the commandline as indicated in the link and using:

but 14.04 is installed when the tk1 reboots on the newly flashed system.

The supported flashes are all Ubuntu 14.04. There is no 16.04 available. If you use the Ubuntu mechanism to upgrade to 16.04 it will break the system since it can’t use the hardware drivers from NVIDIA (the Ubuntu mechanism does not understand the hardware). To get 16.04 you will need to use a 64-bit platform (e.g., TX1 or TX2).