How do I install firmware to my board

So I have an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and have been trying to login to it for days now and realized that there is no firmware installed to the board. I have come to the conclusion to start off fresh and factory reset the board. How do I do that and get Ubuntu 16.04 back on the board once it has been erased?

You need a host PC running Ubuntu14.04 on a Linux filesystem with a few GB available. Download JetPack3.1 and install it ([url][/url]).
JetPack will download packages and prepare image, flash it to your TX1 and finally setup everything.
When you’ll reboot the TX1 after that, everything should be there.

How can install ubuntu 14.04 to my computer. Could you please provide the link to do that?

You may have to check alternative downloads to get 14.04.5 version.