Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on TX1

Hello All,

I’ve been having difficulty figuring out if it is possible to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my TX1 development board. I’m running Jetpack 3.3, and it seems the OS it wants to install on the Jetson is 14.04.

Is it even possible to run 16.04 on the TX1?

Edit: and just for context, I need 16.04 on the TX1 as I need to be running ROS Kinetic on it, which is why 14.04 will not be sufficient.

Something else is going wrong…JetPack3.3 is definitely Ubuntu 16.04. Now if you mean the program refuses to run, keep in mind that JetPack does not run on any Jetson…it runs on a host to supply flash and programs to a connected Jetson. The host needs to be either Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 (there may be some possibility of 18.04 working, but would have some component not working or would need adjusting…haven’t tried).

Command line flash has no requirement for Ubuntu host and JetPack is just a GUI front end for the flash step. JetPack is needed for extra package installs (though you can get around this with some difficulty).

The host is 16.04: there’s no problem with the host I’m quite sure.

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding, but under the JetPack 3.3 Components Manager (step 6 in the install instructions), I’m looking at Target-Jetson TX1/Linux for Tegra Host Side and the description is

  • Sample root file system derived from Ubuntu 14.04 and NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package to support development for Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

Am I wrong in thinking that means that JetPack will try to flash 14.04 onto the TX1?

Looks like you found a bug in the JetPack installer for NVIDIA to fix (the text saying this is 14.04). It flashes 16.04. Originally (in much older releases) it was 14.04.

If you run “lsb_release -a” it should show 16.04 (Xenial).

You are 100% correct.

Well that’s annoying, but at least it’s running what I want.

Thanks a bunch!