Error: Jetpack must be run on Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 platform. Detected 16.10 platform.

Trying to install jetpack on jetson. My host runs on ubuntu 16.10, the latest update of ubuntu after 16.04.

Is there an update in development for this bug or do I have to use 16.04 which I currently do not have?

Technically JetPack only supports an Ubuntu 14.04 host. Consider that JetPack is designed to install packages not only on the Jetson, but also on the host. Some of the packages work on 16.04, so some people have had success with 16.04, but not 16.10. Many packages are directly from NVIDIA and thus do not have repositories for other versions of host (at least not yet).

It would be nice if JetPack could disable host version requirements if host side install were disabled, but only 14.04 is supported (and 16.04 tends to work for a large part of the functionality). I use Fedora, so I can only unpack manually and split out packages from JetPack (command line flash is trivial in effort, it’s the addition of extra packages like CUDA which require understanding manual unpacking of JetPack without the aid of actual JetPack execution).

If you choose to use command line flash, see this as a short cheat sheet:
[url]Jetpack Not able to load on TX1 - Jetson TX1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

If you choose to manually unpack from JetPack, here is a reference…the gist is that you get a file which lists URLs you can use wget from to download…then you copy over to Jetson and manually install in the right order with dpkg (experimentation may be required, but you’d start with the CUDA repo deb and “sudo apt update”…then all else can fall in place):