Host : ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04 - Jetpack 3.1 install

I’m lost for the host ubuntu version. All my computers are now under 16.04.2 (and 16.04.3 soon) but in release notes of jetpack 3.1, i read :
System Requirements
Host Platform Requirements:
Ubuntu Linux x64 (v14.04)

But on Deploying Deep Learning ( ) i read :

Installing Ubuntu on the Host
Download and install Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 onto the host PC from one of the following locations…
Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 may also be acceptable with minor modifications later …
After downloading JetPack from the link above, run it from the host PC…

So my question is simple: can i use ubuntu 16.04.2 to install jetpack 3.1 ?



Support Ubuntu16.04 is in our next release plan.
Currently, JetPack is mainly tested under Ubuntu 14.04 as we uncover some issues with 16.04.

If you meet error with 16.04, please let us know.
We will check together.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for reply.
You discovered issues with 16.04. Where can i find the issues already discovered to avoid them if possible ?



We found some installation issue on Ubuntu16.04, here is the information:

[i]After flashing the device using Ubuntu 16.04 on the host machine and rebooting, unable to install software applications from the Ubuntu Application Center.
To workaround:
Change the group ownership from lighdm to messagebus for the following file:

The commands are as follows:
[code]$ ls -l /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper
-rwsr-xr-- 1 root lightdm 38824 Jul 12 18:17 /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper
sudo chown root:messagebus /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemonlaunch-helper
sudo chmod 4754 /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper

Note: NVIDIA supports Ubuntu 14.04 as the host operating system.[/i]

This information is from our release note, issue 200276225.