Ubuntu 18.04 change to 16.04?

How can I install Ubuntu 16.04 instead of 18.04 in SDK Manager v1.1 - **jetpack 4.4dp?, What is the procedure?. I’m starting the installation, but I don’t find option the ubuntu version selection

Hi @sportingjada1, Ubuntu 16.04 isn’t supported anymore as OS version for the Jetson device. Ubuntu 18.04 is the supported OS version for Jetson.

If you really must use a TX2 with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and don’t care about it being no longer supported, then you could use the R28.x L4T series. See:

The most recent of the 16.04 is R28.3.2. The most recent JetPack tool for adding the extra components is JetPack 3.3.1. You can flash R28.3.2 on command line (it is a patch release), and then install extra components later using JetPack 3.3.1. You will be limited to an older CUDA 9.0 if you do this, you cannot mix CUDA releases and L4T releases.

Ubuntu 16.04 is getting pretty old, and if you are trying to use something which requires Ubuntu 16.04, then you might be better off trying to get newer software. Do you have a use case with some special reason requiring 16.04?

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because , I could not installed the driver the RPlidar sensor. I saw driver for ubuntu 16.04.

The cp210x driver for the USB->serial converter used by rpLIDAR should already be in the kernel.

Can you try the procedure from this JetsonHacks article? https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2018/12/07/rplidar-a2-nvidia-jetson-development-kits/

There is also this way using ROS: https://www.hackster.io/shahizat005/getting-started-with-the-low-cost-rplidar-using-jetson-nano-93521d