TX1 JetPack 3.3 installation problem

I have buy from ebay a TX1 for try to use OpenCV and TensorFlow for thesis.
yesterday i have downloaded from NVIDIA tutorial the installer “jetpack-L4T-3.3-linux-x64_b39.run”
but when i execute receive one error
Jetpack must be run on x86_64 host platform. Detect aarch64 platform

i have searche the file for this architecture in the nvidia deb website, but without succes

Please help me in this trouble


JetPack is actually run on the host PC, not the Jetson. JetPack is a front end to the driver package (which is what performs a flash) as well as installing extra packages (the two steps of flash and package addition are independent, you can do one without the other…typically flash occurs in recovery mode and then the system reboots and packages are installed). When the TX1 is in recovery mode it temporarily becomes a custom USB device over the micro-B USB connector.

You would want to read the docs here, but basically you want an Ubuntu 16.04 PC host (just look for the install guide for the version you are using…I’m not sure, but you might need to log in here and then click the link again if it doesn’t forward):

JetPack is a front end to other software during flash, and if you want to flash on command line this is via the driver package plus sample rootfs. JetPack downloads this for you, but has the Ubuntu requirement. Command line just requires any standard 64-bit Linux PC, but has no ability to help install extra packages.

Note that a lot of people are trying to use a VM for the host and this typically fails. If you go that route, then you have to make sure the USB port is owned 100% by the guest o/s.

Flash always occurs over the micro-B USB cable. For JetPack any extra package install occurs over wired ethernet between host and TX1. If you are only flashing, then you only need that USB connected; if you are only adding packages, then you need the wired ethernet (the host can reach the internet with WiFi, there is no requirement there). If you do both, then you need both cables, but only one is used at a time.

Hi devtoy,

The host Platform need use Ubuntu Linux x64 v16.04
Note that a valid Internet connection and at least 10GB of disk space is needed for the complete installation of JetPack.

You can refer detail install guide from: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetpack-install-guide-3_3

thanks for the support and excuse the stupid question, but is the first time i work with this

I have correctly installed the jetpack on my VM ubuntu 16.04, but now I can’t access the TX1, if I connect it via HDMI to a monitor, first I saw the ubuntu that was installed inside so I could make changes, now instead it does not activate not even the monitor

It is common for video automatic configuration to fail, and yet have the system otherwise working. Can you ping the TX1? Or ssh to it? Sometimes you can get to text mode with CTRL-ALT-F2 key combination and reach command line. The absolute best method of knowing what is going on is the serial console. See:

Also describe the monitor, especially any adapters and whether it is truly HDMI (VGA will usually fail via an adapter).

The configuration is finished with success, but if i not see the tx1 in monitor is not possible for me connect in lan beacose not know the IP.
The monitor as simple 24” dell ips full hd panel, i have try with other 10” HD lilliput monitor, the second i have use yesterday beafore the new installation with success.
Tomorrow i search the serial usb cable for try im this mode

Don’t forget to try the keystroke combination CTRL-ALT-F2. If you are using SDK Manager/JetPack4.2 then CTRL-ALT-F3 (the F3 version will work on all releases).

i use the 3.2.1 i have read the 3.3 have some problem with the tx1.
Tomorrow i try the keystroke combination
Thanks @linuxdev