Jetpack install Error (PC + GPU ? )

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the TX2, but as far as I can tell the TX2 is a PC and a GPU combined… is that correct. If so, I don’t understand why when trying to install Jetpack I’m getting the following error:

“Error Jetpack must run on x86_64 host platform. detected aarch64 platform.”

Isn’t the Ubuntu GUI on the PC side. Or am I not fully understanding the TX2. And therefore, I need to install the Jetpack on a different PC and then flash it through the USB. I’m confused :)


JetPack is a tool which runs on the PC…it isn’t the actual set of drivers. When a Jetson is put into recovery mode its micro-B USB port changes from being that of a host to instead becoming a custom USB device…the host uses a driver which understands that device to do flash operations (JetPack is a front end to the driver package).

So run JetPack on a desktop host while it connects to the Jetson in recovery mode via the micro-B USB cable.

After a flash, if the wired ethernet is connected, JetPack can also install additional packages.