ERROR: JetPack must be run on x86_64 HOST platform. Detected i686 platform.

After downloaded and run the file. I got the error message “ERROR: JetPack must be run on x86_64 HOST platform. Detected i686 platform”. Can any one help me.

JetPack does not run on the Jetson, it runs on an x86_64 PC host, and flash communications is through the micro-B USB cable. Other package installs go through the wired ethernet.

In the case of command line flash any x86_64 Linux PC will work. In the case of JetPack Ubuntu 14.04 is specified (but 16.04 mostly works…there may be some demo software which can be added to the host which won’t work on 16.04).

Note that during flash a file the size of the entire eMMC is created…for this reason, even if JetPack ran on a Jetson, there is no possibility of a Jetson self-flashing. Jetsons don’t have a BIOS, and the host PC is essentially the BIOS during flash.

Note that i686 is 32-bit even though it is x86.

Thanks for your reply,

I am getting another error message as “ERROR: Please run jetpack as a non-elevated user. When root access is needed, the installer will prompt you.”

My host PC is using Virtual machine 64bit lubuntu 14.04.5.

You’re logged in as root. You need to be logged in as a regular user which has permission to use sudo when root permission is required. VMs tend to be a problem, odds are you are in for some work, but in particular, what user did you log in as? If this is a live DVD type distribution it won’t work.