JetPack on Jetson X1 does not install

I started up the X1 and flashed the GUI as instructed, so I have the GUI working.

I next downloaded from the JetPack site, and followed the instructions at|_____3

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/Downloads$ chmod +x
ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/Downloads$ ./
Creating directory _installer
Verifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing JetPack 100%

Nothing else happens – there is no GUI window as shown in the docs page. I looked in the _installer directory, but I don’t see a obvious README or a setup file.

Looking at the .run file, a lot more should be happening, but it’s not.

What next?


What kind of machine are you running the JetPack from? Which version of Ubuntu?
You need to run JetPack from a PC running Ubuntu 14.04.
Here’s an article on what to expect:

Judging by your commands, I will assume you are attempting to run JetPack on your Jetson. While the (T)X1 is a 64 bit processor, it is a 64 bit ARM processor.

JetPack (as far as i know) is meant to be run on a linux host (x86 or AMD64/X86-64, like nearly any current laptop or desktop), Not on the Jetson itself.

As far as I could tell, JetPack needs to run on 64bit (amd64) Ububtu 14.04. The binaries are 64bit and won’t run on the 32bit (x86) flavor of Ubuntu 14.04.

JetPack is a host development system tool to help deploy and develop for Jetson Development Kits, so at this time, JetPack only supports running on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 host system.

Running JetPack on a Jetson Development Kit with L4T is not an expected use case.

Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.