JetPack can't install

I can’t install jetpack and show error message"jetpack must be run on x86_64 Host platform.Detected aarch64 platform"

JetPack runs only an an x86_64 Linux desktop PC. When the Jetson is in recovery mode the PC sees the micro-B USB cable as a custom device which the flash software understands. JetPack is a front end to the driver package, plus it does package management…if the Jetson is booted normally JetPack does package installs over ethernet…if the Jetson is in recovery mode, then JetPack can flash the Jetson. All of this occurs on your Ubuntu 14.04 desktop (sometimes 16.04 works…it depends on what you are doing…JetPack can install software not only to the Jetson, but also to the PC…the PC side wants Ubuntu 14.04).

For me, only Ubuntu 16.04 on x86_64 works with jetpack3.
But in 14.04 jetpack3’s installation itself had many issues.