JetPack Installation Jetson Tx1, Host Unbutu 16.04 LTS


I installed the Jetpack on Jetson Tx1 from my Unbutu laptop, so now i have linux on Jetson Tx1. I have installed too some elment of the Jetson ZOO (not all due to the fact the Jetson memory is full now).
On my laptop, i have to install the environment NVIDIA tool (cuda, Nsight…)
I couldn’t understand if it’s done or not automatically by the Jetpack.
In my nvidia directory, i could see

ssh is functionnal, i could access to Jetson Tx1 from the laptop

I installed manually Nsight and when i launched it and create a new project in Basic setting (Basic project setting) there is a warning “No cuda compatible devices detected”

In the target system, i could see Toolkitfor connection Local System is not selected and i couldn’t click on the button “Next”

So what i have to do to be able to compile (on the host or from the host) and run the code on the Target Tx1 a basic cuda program



Hi Victor30,

The Nsight is running on x86 Ubuntu host system.
You can use below link to check CUDA is install or not:

ll /usr/src/cuda-10.0

For JetPack, if you select all sdk components, the CUDA will be installed.