NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition for Jetson TX1


I have installed Jetpack 2.3.1 (full version) on the Jetson TX1. But I can not find nsight in the folder /usr/local/cuda.
How to install Nsight Eclipse Edition without CUDA toolkit on the Jetson TX1?


Nsight only runs on the desktop host, not the Jetson (think of running nsight on a host with deployment to Jetson provided CUDA was installed to Jetson).

Thank you for your answer!

Can I use the combination of QT + CUDA on the Jetson TX1? Or this combination does not support the Jetson TX1?


I don’t know of any reason CUDA couldn’t be used with Qt. If you’re asking if Qt would benefit from CUDA I don’t know, but I suspect only components of Qt specifically built for CUDA would benefit. OpenGL on the other hand would benefit from GPU without involving CUDA.

Thank you!