Nsight Eclipse and OpenCV libraries cannot be found after installing jetpack

Although I have installed jetpack 3.0 successfully on my jetson tk1, and it should include the whole CUDA Toolkit 6.5, I am not able to find Nsight Eclipse which is one of the components of this toolkit.

I am a total noob at this and I do not know if I have really finished the installation, because although I can use OpenCV4Tegra I cannot find its libraries anywhere either. I have loads of .deb, .sh and samples but no real program…

Can somebody guide me here? Thanks

Manual install puts nsight in “/usr/local/bin/nsight”. If it is there just add “/usr/local/bin” to your PATH environment variable.

I do not understand. I only have access to Nsight Eclipse from the host, although I have read that CUDA Toolkit 6.5 is installed automatically with the Jetpack in both host and device. Am I missing something?

-I can use OpenCV with mc in the Jetson but I do not have anything about OpenCV on the host, do I have to install it separetely?
-I need to work with OpenCV contrib modules on the Jetson TK1, is it possible? How do I add them to OpenCV4Tegra?
-Can I work with the Nsight Eclipse that should be installed in the Jetson? Or does it only install in the host and have to remotely cross-compile?

It seems it installed correctly on the host, but on the device I only see loads of .deb and .sh files.

Thanks for the help and collaboration!

Nsight is a tool that runs on the host. CUDA is a library which can run on any machine using an NVIDIA GPU, including host and Jetson. I don’t think you can run nsight on a Jetson…that part only goes to desktop PC host.

JetPack should have options to install whatever it has on host and/or Jetson by selecting the options for just that…I don’t use JetPack so I don’t know any further details. Expect nsight to not be installable on the Jetson, but capable of doing remote development.

The Jetson gets a local repository consisting of a lot of “.deb” files somewhere in “/var”. Because apt knows about this now “apt-get” can use those as well as remote networked file repositories.

Okay thank you very much. May I ask, which program do you use or recommend to edit and run applications which require both CUDA and OpenCV in the Jetson?

In order to use also the openCV_contrib modules do you have any idea of how to do so?

If you are referring to editing directly on the Jetson the answer is most any editor, but you won’t get specific help for use with CUDA the way nsight does. If you can remote develop from a desktop host, then the answer would be nsight since it provides CUDA support. A large part of the time when I edit on a Jetson I just use vi.

So far as openCV_contrib goes I don’t have experience with that, so I lack recommendations.