Jetson TK1 remote cross-compiling setup



  • I’m a master student.
  • PC OS: Ubuntu 14.04.
  • PC’s GPU: Not Nvidia.
  • PC’s architecture x86_64.
  • Previous experience with Linux/Ubuntu close to none.
  • Jetson TK1 initial setup done and working.
  • Purpose: Stereo vision.
  • PC and Jetson are connected to the same network. PC uses Wi-Fi, while Jetson has an ethernet cable plugged directly to the router.
  • CUDA toolkit version 6.5.


To use this PC as a host to write CUDA code to be executed on the Jetson TK1 (target).

I’ve been following the documentation, the wiki pages and this blog:
I have achieved nothing so far.

I would like to use Nvidia Nsight, but I am open to any suggestions. I guess the steps in which I’m failing is where I have to configure the hosts architecture and connect to the Jetson TK1.

The command “ifconfig” shows me that the LAN ip is for the PC, and for the Jetson.

Generate PTX code and Generate GPU code are set to 3.0.

Local system CPU architecture is set to ARM.

Could someone please take the time to walk me through?

Start by following these instructions:

Get as far as being able to build and run the sample programs on you Jetson.

I managed to make it work, it was an issue regarding the “Target Systems” step during the project creation.

Thank you for the reply.

Hi, I am similar situation, just getting started. I think I follow, is this correct: you install jetpack, which goes on the Tegra, but you build on the PC in Ububtu, then push the binaries to the tegra board?

Where do we get the installer for eclipse on Ubuntu?


JetPack is run from PC only. The result is addition of packages to choices from menus, typically flashing the Jetson (which means installing Linux-4-Tegra/L4T variant of Ubuntu o/s to Jetson) and installing libraries like CUDA on both machines; or the IDE just on the host. I don’t have Ubuntu on desktop (so I can’t use JetPack), but I was under the impression that eclipse was one of the options for install to your desktop (an nsight eclipse version good for working with Jetson remotely from x86_64 host).