install jetpack3.1 on ubuntu 14.04.05

I am trying to install jetpack3.1 on ubuntu 14.04.05.

However, the CUDA Toolkit installation fails.
I bought this product because of CUDA.

Install CUDA Toolkit 8.0.84 failed.

Return Code: 1
Error installing cuda-toolkit-8-0 to host, please check /home/techinmotion/Downloads/_installer/64_TX2/cuda_host_tx2.log for more details

You may attach the file:cuda_host_tx2.log
“please check /home/techinmotion/Downloads/_installer/64_TX2/cuda_host_tx2.log for more details”
What is the return of:

uname -m

You may also try on 16.04 Ubuntu.

If your host doesn’t have a NVIDIA GPU, you can skip installing CUDA on host in JetPack.
You would just install CUDA on Jetson in JetPack Post-install.




will show if you have an NVIDIA GPU card.