How to install cuda 11.4 on jetson nano

Hello.Could you explain me, please, how to intall CUDA 11.4 for jetson nano ?
I suppose ,i can get it here:

If so, which parameters should i choose ?

Not possible. The drivers and libraries you are used to are for a discrete GPU (dGPU) in the PCI bus. The GPU of the Jetson is integrated directly to the memory controller (iGPU). The only drivers you’ll be able to use are the ones distributed for that particular Jetson (in other words, by means of JetPack/SDK Manager). The older Nano (which is really a new form factor of the TX1) is end of life so far as new feature development goes, so it won’t get that update. Currently, either Xavier or Orin will work with CUDA 11 via JetPack 5.x (older Nano TX1 is JetPack 4.x). A new JetPack release is coming out soon, near the end of this month or early December, and this will support only Orin (not Xavier; it’ll be Ubuntu 22.04, and I think CUDA 12).

Thanks for your reply.If i cant install CUDA i also cant use deepstream ?

The deepstream 6.0 is not supported for Jetson Nano.
You can file question at DeeSstream forum to get clarification and know which is siutable.
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