How to install and configure CUDA 11.1 in jetson nano

Hello Team,

Can any one please help how to install and configure CUDA11.1 in my jetson nano developer kit 4GB . Below is my jetson nano configuration details

machine: aarch64
system: Linux
Distribution: Ubuntu 180.04 Bionic Beaver
Release: 4.9.253-tegra
Python: 3.7.5

Module: NVIDIA jetson nano (4 GB)
SoC: tegra210
CUDA Arch bin: 5.3
Codename: Porg
L4T: 32.6.1
Jetpack: 4.6

HI @prakkash07,

I believe officially the Jetson Nano supports up until CUDA 10.2, because it is the latest available on JetPack 4, which is the latest JetPack release for Jetson Nano.

Anyway, you can find some guides on the web like this one to install CUDA 11 on Nano and NX: Install CUDA 11 on Jetson Nano and Xavier NX - Latest Open Tech From Seeed
But please keep in mind that this might break something else that has the dependency on CUDA 10.2, and many other things can go wrong as L4T CUDA is not the same as the SBSA CUDA, which seems to be used on the attempts to upgrade CUDA version. This might provide more information: CUDA on NVIDIA Jetson – just not the same – random blog

Hope this helps a little,

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