Installer for Linux Ubuntu 20.04 arm64-sbsa

Tried installing Cuda and tools from here: CUDA Toolkit 11.5 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer on a 4 Gb Nano and it failed installation with an error message that says “look in the installation logs.” And that wonderful installation log said, in effect: "installation failed. " No other information or way to trace WHY it failed! Running the Nano on Ubuntu 20.04 with apt updated immediately prior to trying this install.
Any way I can update the Cuda tools for the Nano?
Also, if I can get this to actually work, I wish to install the tools and such on a brand new 2 GB Nano.
Seems Cuda 10.x is installed.

No, we don’t support CUDA 11.x on Jetson Nano yet.
You can only install via JetPack, the latest version is CUDA 10.2.( JetPack 4.6 includes CUDA 10.2)

Besides, the Ubuntu 20.04 hasn’t been supported by Jetson Nano yet, we only support Ubuntu 18.04.

Rats. :)

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