Jetson Nano GPU Utilization using TensorFlow

My GPU is not working on Jetson Nano which I have checked using the following command:


I am using “Jetson nano” My Jetpack is 4.6.1 I have cuda 10.2 I have cudatoolkit and cudnn installed in my environment with following versions:
cudatoolkit: 11.7.0

How can I enable the GPU on “Jetson Nano”?


Could you double-check your CUDA toolkit version?
We don’t support CUDA 11 on Jetson Nano.

$ apt show nvidia-jetpack


I have cuda 10-2 which came with jetpack 4.6.1, Not cuda-11


How do you install the TensorFlow package?
Is the package built with CUDA enabled?

Or could you try to install our prebuilt?


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