GPU has fallen off the bus

PC have random frezze and only option is to press reset button in my case.

I find error in logs but I don’t know how to fix.

Linux kernel: 4.8.4
Nvidia driver: 375.26

Infomation about my PC and Nvidia card is in this file : Nvidia bug report

Please any help?

Looks like faulty hardware, might be any of:
power supply
faulty/dirty pcie slot
graphics card
Maybe try another slot first or remove/reseat the graphics card. Then check if it works in another pc.

I have new power supplay and mainboards, only options to try with another slot.

search this forum and you will find dozens of “GPU has fallen off the bus” threads, some of them might even have the fix for you.

I try with this to fix my Nvida card GTX 980 Ti :

/usr/bin/nvidia-smi -pm 1

And all work 2 days…today I got frezze and send here new nvidia-bug-report2.log.gz

My Nvidia GTX 980 Ti still have random crash.


Any can check this report?

war4head, Do you have reproduction steps for this issue? See also :

Subject: xorg-server 1.16.4, crashes total random on GeForce 980 Ti

Description: Crash system is total random, I can log over SSH and generate nvidia bug report and I send 3 times before, but nvidia team don’t get my reports to check what is problem. I personal try next actions:

  1. Test official release 375.26 and beta release 378.09
  2. Clean PCI connectiors on Graphcis card
  3. Change PCI port on Motherboard

I uplad 3 times nvidia-bug-report but have zero respond by Nvidia team.

Any idea how fix this problem?

p.s. - nvidia-bug-report

Yes I read and re-post my problem.